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“If you are drowning in bills and need a little extra cash to get by a few more days, you can apply for title loans from Hampton Loan Market. You can borrow up to twice the value of your home to pay down your existing mortgage, or purchase a new house with the cash from this convenient financing source.” -AP Release dated July 12, 2021

“If you are a homeowner and are facing foreclosure, you may wish to try getting title loans from a trusted company such as Hampton Loan. If you are concerned about the long-term effects of such a loan on your credit rating, you should consider whether you could qualify for a conventional loan through the Federal Housing Administration. However, you would not be able to qualify for that loan under any circumstances if you default on your payments. For instance, with a FHA-insured mortgage, if you miss even a single payment, the agency will not foreclose. On the other hand, if you default on the title loans, you could lose your home to foreclosure.” -The Los Angeles Times, September 6, 2021

“Hammond Landing is a good place to shop for a loan, but there are also a number of good lenders in the suburbs who would be happy to discuss your situation with you, no matter what type of mortgage you are shopping for. They have different methods of assessing the risk of loaning money to people who have a low credit score or no established home equity. So be sure to inquire about all the different options.”

“You can also shop around online for the best interest rates and terms. Be sure and find out what a reasonable prepayment penalty is before you sign up for a loan. You will also want to know whether the lender requires prepayment of the title insurance to close the deal. Some companies do not require it, but most of them do. Also, be aware of prepayment penalties on secondary loans.”

“But once you’ve found a quote that you’re comfortable with, make sure you understand exactly what it means for you. Some loan providers waive penalties, while others require you to pay them. Also, check to see if title loans for mortgages in the Hampton area cost extra, compared to similar loans in other areas. The best thing to do is to ask loan officers that you come across, to give you a real-life example of how title loans for mortgages work.”

There are some pitfalls to this type of loan, so be careful. First of all, if you default, the lender is not protected from bankruptcy law. This means that they cannot take your house away. However, they can try to collect the money you owe from your employer (but this probably defeats the purpose of taking the loan in the first place), and they can sell your car if they see that you have poor credit. So be very careful about signing anything before reading all the details!

Title loans for mortgages in Hampton, Virginia are available from a variety of sources. Be sure to shop around and compare interest rates and other terms. And always read the fine print!